In addition to music, JOY sessions include activities such as story telling, puzzles and art. These fun inter-generational sessions stimulate interaction and encourage everyone to listen, communicate and learn from each other. Our future plans include training new facilitators to help expand our JOY programme throughout communities giving many more people the opportunity to participate in this uplifting and unique programme.

1. What is JOY?

JOY is a unique inter-generational programme that brings the elderly and the young children together. Through regular JOY sessions relationships between the two generations are built with significant benefits to both.

2. Who are the JOY sessions for?

They are primarily for members of a participating Day Care Centre/Residential Home and children from a participating preschool.

3. Where does JOY take place ?

The sessions either take place on shared sites where there is both a pre school and an elderly Day Care Centre or at Residential Homes which are visited by children from an off-site school.

4. What are the benefits of JOY?

We have seen many benefits to the JOY programme which include the following:

  • Friendships are formed and connections are made between the two age groups.
  • Self esteem and self confidence grow for the elderly as they take on the role as teacher and role model for the children.
  • The children become more caring, tolerant and respectful of their elders.
  • JOY energises, motivates and inspires creativity as well as improving social skills, enhancing empathy and fostering community spirit.

Jenny Kossew – Founder

My passion has always been working with people across generations, both old and young. I have fulfilled this over the past 25 years by educating through music in nursery’s as well as being a musical entertainer for the elderly in Day Care Centres and Residential Homes.

Over time I noticed that it was not uncommon for nursery’s and day care centres to share the same site and it seemed a natural progression for me to try and bring the two generations together through music and song – and so JOY was created.

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JOY is an intergenerational programme connecting the elderly with young children through ongoing interactive activities.

Please watch the video to see what JOY is all about.

We are a charitable company who have had wonderful results so far, and with your generosity we can expand this program nationwide.