“We have had a wonderful experience being part of the “JOY” programme this term”.

“It was lovely to observe both the members and the children greet each other every week by their first names”.

“I feel that JOY is a wonderful way to teach our children to become tolerant and inclusive in an environment that is familiar and nurturing”

JOY isn’t just about having fun…….They are also gaining an ‘Understanding of the World’ which is an area of learning that we adhere to in the Early Years Foundation Stage, our Pre-School curriculum”.

Teaching Staff

Nagila Pre-School

“The enjoyment that the elderly show in the joint activities with the children is a pleasure to see.To watch them move with the music or help the little ones with colouring is a real pleasure.”

“The fact that they are so willing to come extra early for these sessions is a testament in its own right as to how much they enjoy it”


Gilah Borehamwood

“The bonus for the day centre is when you come in with the children and to see the Joining of Old and Young………seeing the members with the children ‘one to one’ brings a smile to everyone’s face”.

Nita Bharier

Woodside Park

“It was incredibly touching to see how much both the elder generation and the younger generation opened up to each other as soon as they were introduced”

Chloe Kimmel


Jewish Care’s Edgware & Harrow Community Centre member, Judy Benton, said “The children from Nagila Nursery are lovely, I love to get involved with them each week when I come to the centre for the JOY programme. They make me feel useful. Some of them don’t have grandparents of their own or they don’t see them, so I like being a Grandma for them. It is a joy to spend my time with the children and always lifts my spirits.”

Judy Benton

Edgware and Harrow Day Centre

“The smiles on the faces of all involved was key to the obvious enjoyment in the room”.

“The feedback from our members was overwhelmingly positive. They all felt happier after the session and that they were looking forward to the next session”.

“A lady who was not involved in the session but was alone nearby and very rarely engages in any activity, moved closer when one of the children naturally wondered over to her. Her face lit up and she was chatting and interested”.

Jacey Edgware

Harrow Day Centre

“I can say the programme has been absolutely wonderful for Gilah. The children have gained so much including confidence meeting new and unfamiliar people and learning some old style songs, all things that support our learning goals”.


Gilah Borehamwood

“JOY is NOT just about the young people singing to the old and hopefully cheering them up. It’s so much more. Its a partnership between the young and the old that benefits parties so much. Jenny acts as the facilitator to make sure everybody gets a chance to shine but the magic is provided by those taking part”.

“A good old singsong both at the beginning and the end did wonders to lift everybody’s spirits and put everyone in the mood. I think it gave everyone a sense of belonging that they knew the same songs. It made everyone feel part of a big family”


Yavneh Nursery

“It is so heartwarming and inspiring to have observed the bonds developing between young and old. There are sounds of laughter, giggles as well as wisdom shared by both generations through music, art and discussions”.

Cindy Summer


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JOY is an intergenerational programme connecting the elderly with young children through ongoing interactive activities.

Please watch the video to see what JOY is all about.

JOY is a Registered Charity. Reg Number: 1182863