Jenny Kossew – Founder

My passion has been educating nursery aged children through music and entertaining the elderly through song, which I’ve been doing for over 25 years. When I brought the two generations together, I realised that there was more than music that could bridge the age gap – both groups were asking for more interaction as it brought them so much happiness. It was this that sparked the idea for JOY – Joining Old and Young.

The full benefits of these sessions became apparent when I started running them on a regular and recurring basis as it afforded both generations more one-on-one time, with undivided attention and this created a genuine and lasting connection.

What is JOY?

JOY is unique in the way that it brings the older and younger generations together. Our regular sessions are designed for the participants to spend quality, one-on-one time together, which helps build strong relationships allows the two generations to learn directly from each other.

JOY sessions include music, storytelling, puzzles and other creative activities. These fun intergenerational sessions stimulate interaction and encourage everyone to listen, communicate and learn from each other.

Who are the JOY sessions for?

JOY sessions are primarily for grandparents or members of a participating Day Care Centre/Residential Home and children from a participating preschool.

Where do JOY sessions take place ?

The sessions take place…

  • on shared sites where there is both a preschool and an elderly Day Care Centre or
  • at Residential Homes which are visited by children from an off-site school or
  • at Nursery Schools with grandparents

Why JOY?

We have seen many benefits to the JOY programme which include the following:

  • Friendships are formed and developed
  • Connections are made between the two age groups.
  • Improvements in self esteem for the elderly as they take on the role of teacher and role model and feel their contributions are valued
  • Growth in confidence for the children through developing a new relationship outside their usual environment
  • Develops deeper respect for their elders and a strong sense of care and acceptance
  • Energises, motivates and inspires creativity
  • Enhances social skills, empathy and fosters community spirit.

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